Professional - 4 in 1 Diamond/Ceramic Kitchen Blades Sharpener


Sharpener - 4 in 1 - Diamond Coated & Fine Ceramic Rod Sharpening System. For Stainless Steel Blades of Knives, Shears and Scissors  

4 Fashion Colors

Ergonomically designed silicon handle and the non-slip base provides ultimate comfortable grip and safety when sharpening all your kitchen knives and scissors. It is big enough to handle sharpening jobs easily and small enough to fit into any kitchen drawer.


This professional sharpener is ideal for most types of shears, scissors and knives (excluding serrated knives). Keep your blades sharp and ready to use at all times. It is easy to use, comfortable, durable and sits on a non-skid base.

The 4 Stage System:

1- (Diamond Abrasives) For scissors
2- (Carbide Blades) Coarse for blunt knives
3- Medium (Diamond Abrasives) For daily use
4- Fine (Ceramic Rods) For knives that need polishing


How to use:

1. For scissors: Use stage 1 by opening the scissors and inserting them into the slot. Hold the sharpener steady and sharpen 5 to 7 times pulling towards you.

2. For steel knives: Place the knife in stage 2 and sharpen 3 to 5 times pulling towards you only. Repeat in stage 3 and 4 for a more defined finish.

Caution: Always only pull the blade towards you in the same direction. Do not try to move the blade back and forth as it will not sharpen properly.

 Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.