Classy Cat Harness + Leash

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Hey Cat Lovers! Do you take the plunge & adventure into the world with your beloved feline?

So, what would be your First step? Just venture out on a trip with your fur baby?

What if it gets scared and runs away? Your Fur buddy can drive you bonkers. While traveling, they can become anxious and cause you problems trying to escape.

Solution? We are glad to introduce you to our Classy Cat Harness and Leash Set. It’s great for walking and running with your fluffy buddy.

For big-time adventures, your feline needs to be harness and leash-trained. Our Harness and Leash Set provides you an easy way to control and restrain your cat, especially outdoors or inside your car.

Unlike a regular harness, its soft, comfortable, escape-proof design prevents animals from slipping out of it. Basic synthetic belt & strap harness models can slip over the cat's fur or, fastened too tightly, can injure or choke your loved one.

Our escape-proof Harness and Leash Set guarantees comfort & safety.

  • Ideal for training, going to the vet or groomer, outdoor walking or just playing with your cat.
  • Soft, Comfortable, and Breathable design - Made of air-mesh Suede fabric (premium pet-safe material).
  • Wear Resistant and suitable for all year around.
  • Available in three colors (Orange, Blue, and Pink) & sizes (size chart picture).
  • Has double layer protection with Velcro tape and a strong buckle.
  • Night Reflection Safety Traction Stripe to prevent night loss and accidents.
  • Durable and robust buckle that can quickly be attached or undone.
  • It has a soft safety collar & comes with a matching leash.

Now, your indoor cat can bravely explore the outdoor world with maximum comfort and safety. All of the features are thoughtfully designed for a secured and comfortable wearing experience. Your cat will wear it like a champ.

Package: 1 Classy Cat Harness & Matching Leash.


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