Ceramic Kitchen Knives (Set of 4) + BONUS PEELER

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4 Piece Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set + Bonus Peeler

Made from high quality zirconium oxide. The razor sharp blades are anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

  • 3" Paring knife + sheath
  • 4" Utility knife + sheath
  • 5" Slicing knife + sheath
  • 6" Chef's Knife + sheath
  • 4 Knife sheaths to suit

Bonus Peeler

Black Blades

Choice of 6 Bright Colors

For the same set with a custom bench-top stand CLICK HERE

Package: 1 Set of 4 Ceramic Knives & peeler.

Delivery: Allow 2 - 3 weeks

Product Information:

Black blade knives are carbonized under high temperature after the blade has been shaped and ground. Normally black blades are more expensive than the others.

Ceramic knives are all made out of high quality zirconia powder from imported high quality zirconium sand from Western Australia. They are often mistaken for metal knives because of the black blade. Actually, a ceramic knife is much lighter than a metal knife. It is just the high quality zirconia power that makes them have a metal look and feel.




How to look after your new Ceramic Knives.

Breaking or chipping can stem from false handling of ceramic knives. Ceramic knives have a hardness which is second only to diamond however the ceramic is more brittle than steel. The tip of the blade is most sensitive to damage. 

*Please note* Not to be used for chopping bone, prying, striking or for cutting frozen or hard materials. Use timber and softer cutting surfaces.Wash the knife after each use, preferably by hand with a mild detergent and do not wash in a dishwasher.
We assure you our knives, when they arrive, are indeed razor sharp. They can stay in this condition for many years without sharpening if properly handled.  For safety, the tip and the heel of the blade have been blunted.


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