Indoor, Non-slip Baby Socks

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Hi Mommies! Worried about how you're going to keep those cute little piggy toes safe from big freeze to heatwave? Looking for something cute and comfy?  

We present to you – Socks with a Soul! Give your fawn these cozy slipper socks. Whatever the weather is, Slipper socks are an essential part of any toddler's life.

The non-slip sole is durable and flexible, allowing children's feet to move freely and muscles to develop.

It ensures that feet stay in place and offer a sense of security to toddlers who might only just be making their first steps.

For little crawlers, or older walkers, these indoor shoes have skid-proof slipper soles and double elastic around the ankles to prevent them from falling off.

Indoor Non-Slip Socks: Ideal for new walkers to prevent them from sliding while playing or walking.

  • Made of soft poly-cotton/ fleece material, specially designed to care for your baby's feet. 
  • Warm, comfortable, and breathable.
  • Designed to keep your baby up with the fashion.
  • Ideal for daily use and easy to wear or take off. 
  • Best baby shoe for girl/ boy up to 0-18 months.
  • Perfect for your toddler who is just learning to walk and taking his first steps. 
  • Huge selection of cute designs in 4 sizes.

4 Sizes:

XS 0-6 Months 11cm

S 7-12 Months 12cm

M 13-18 Months 13cm

L 19-24 Months 14 cm

Package: 1 Pair of Indoor Non-Slip Baby Socks


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