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Hello, Parents! Have a diaper bag with just one pocket that contains everything but has no organization?

A multi-functional Diaper backpack is a perfect choice for your baby, which comes with 13 internal and external pockets for organization, big enough to carry most baby essentials.

You get well-layered pockets to keep wet and dry nappies separated, bottles, and diaper cloths. There are side pockets for baby wipes, drinking bottles, an umbrella, and two insulated pockets for 4-9oz bottles; it is super easy to reach by the wide top opening and back zipper.

This diaper bag is made of strong, Anti-friction Oxford fabric, long-lasting, and lightweight (2 pounds) with non-fraying stitching & strong zippers.

  1. The elegant style diaper bag is perfect for baby care while shopping, traveling, or other activities. It can be used as a travel backpack, carry bag, or hung from a stroller.
  2. It has a USB charging port for your power cable to make it easy to charge your phone on the go.
  3. Extra 2 Stroller Straps make it even more convenient. They allow you to hook the bag onto the stroller handles to let you be hands-free.
  4. Made of durable and waterproof material that repels water and stains and is easy to clean.
  5. Adjustable wider shoulder straps help relieve shoulder and back burden; the breathable cushion prevents sweating and ensures a comfortable fit.
  6. Milk bottle pockets with aluminum foil thermal insulation.
  7. Waterproof pocket for wet items.
  8. Side pockets for tissues & water bottle.
  9. Safety, anti-theft back pockets.

Package: 1 Maternity Diaper Bag with USB charger outlet + Umbrella pouch + 2 x Stroller hanging straps.


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