Magnetic Childproof Lock

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Your home should be a safe haven for your children — but is it?

 Kids love getting into everything — They love opening storage units like cabinets, drawers, cupboards, etc. They love testing and tasting everything that they come across the house. We often store harmful chemicals, sharp kitchen utensils, or important documents in our cupboards & drawers. There is no better way to safeguard children’s access to those places.

 Our Magnet Childproof Locks may well be the best solution. These completely invisible locks are designed to be placed inside the cabinet or drawer. They are out of sight and immune to child tampering. 

 Kids aren't able to reach dangerous things within drawers or cupboards; we guarantee your children's safety while not keeping constant eyes on them. 

 Our magnetic security drawer locks keep drawers secured from young children.

  • Made with Your Child's Safety in Mind.
  • Easy to install — No drilling holes or using tools, you can protect cabinets from curious toddlers with a magnetic lock and keys.
  • Super magnetic — Suitable for most 38 to 43 mm thick cabinets/ drawers.
  • Suitable for both pull-out drawers and single/ double door cabinets.
  • Made up of durable ABS plastic with powerful 3M adhesive.

Our smart lock technology makes quick access easy for adults but a nightmare for toddlers!

Package: 1 Combination pack of locks and magnetic keys.


  • Express Shipping to USA - 7 - 12 Days.
  • Rest of the World, Allow 2 - 3 weeks


Installation tips:

Apply to clean and dry surfaces. Allow 24 hours before first-time use for maximum adhesion. During installation, try not to touch the sticker pads as it may weaken adhesion.

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