Soft High-Density Dog & Cat Bed

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Dog and Cat Bed

If you're looking for a soft and comfy bed for your cat or dog, our soft dog and cat bed is the best bed for your pet.

We all know how important a good night's sleep is; we know how relaxing and refreshing it is and how it serves as our stress reliever at the end of each tiring workday. This applies to humans and also to our beloved pets who sleep between 12 and 18 hours each day. This is why getting the right bed for them is very important and shows how much we cherish them.

Have you ever tried to sleep without a soft pillow? Do you remember how much it made your neck ache? Or have you ever slept on that bed that left your body throbbing throughout the next day? Those two incidences left you with sore muscles. You don't want that for your pet. Our soft, high-density PP cotton, removable cat and dog bed is your best option.

We all love to sleep on a comfy bed with our heads supported by a soft pillow. Sounds perfect, right? Perfect is what our bed brings to your pet with the same luxury, a soft cushion for neck support and a comfy bed that makes them feel secure.

You can choose from 7 beautiful designs and 3 sizes.

  • High quality

The materials used to create the bed are of high quality. It ensures that the cloth does not wear quickly. The high-quality PP cotton filling used is just like your favorite soft pillow.

  • Temperature regulator

Our removable cat and dog bed helps keep pets warm during winter, acting as a temperature regulator. The removable cover acts as a bonus as it can be easily removed during summer or whenever you wish.

  • Padding thickness

With your pet's comfort in mind, our removable cat and dog bed was made with the right amount of padding. It's not too soft, neither is it too firm. Because it is well-cushioned, it prevents all sorts of joint problems, allowing your fur babies to rest comfortably

  • Machine washable

The material is machine washable. The cover is removable, making it very easy to dismantle and wash. When you need to wash it, just toss it in the machine, and your problem is solved. With this, germs can be kept at bay, and your pet gets better sleep at all times.

  • Sizes

S   45 x 30 cm recommended for up to 3kg

M  55 x 40 cm recommended for up to 6kg

 L  65 x 45 cm recommended for up to 12kg

Package: 1 Soft High-Density Foam Removable Dog and Cat Bed


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