Child Car Head Restraint

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Are you concerned about your child's head flopping around while sleeping in the car?

No worries, you’ll be glad to know that a child head restraint has been developed to help out new parents, babies, and toddlers. This Child Car Seat Head Restraint is a solution to a common parental concern.

Our fashionable and adorable sleep restraint supports children's heads while they sleep in their car seats.

This innovative system prevents children's heads from 'bobbing' forward when they fall asleep in cars.

It contributes to safer and more comfortable travel for your children and less distraction for the driver. 

  • The sleep restraint does not restrict or hinder the child's movement and only touches them if they nod forward while sleeping.
  • Our sleep restraint is ultra-soft, and its breathable material gives your children safe and comfortable sleep.
  • Its simple design affords easy installation. You can strap it up in less than a minute.
  • Easily adjust the neck position with a hook and loop design based on the size of the baby's head.
  • Protect your children in the case of an accident by strategically positioning the front strap to prevent whiplash.
  • Available in 4 colors.

Package: 1 Child’s Car Head restraint

Delivery: Allow 3 - 4 weeks

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