Roll-Up Drying Rack.

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Look! A drying rack that doesn’t eat up your kitchen space.

Meet our Roll-Up S/Steel Drying Rack. 

Say GOODBYE to drying mats and bulky dish racks!

This Roll-Up Drying Rack is designed to sit on top of a portion of the sink, allowing you to drain the dishes and continue using the sink. 

This handy and durable rack quickly unrolls over your sink for space-saving dish drying and wraps back into a tight cylinder for space-saving storage afterward. 

You can use this Roll-Up Dish Drainer to air dry, bowls, pots, pans, tableware, kitchen utensils, cutlery, and so on; vegetable strainer, and a prep work platform over the sink.

  • Ideal for washing your coffee pot, mugs, and spoons to save space in your dishwasher, too!
  • Available in four sizes & colors.
  • Keeps the kitchen sink area looking clean.
  • Excellent grip, securely fixed.
  • Foldable rack made with high-quality silicone-coated thick stainless-steel rods, which is heat resistant. You can use it as a pot cooling rack. 
  • Scratch-resistant - rubberized ends.
  • Rust-resistant, BPA-free, and rolls up for easy storage.

Keeps water away from countertops!

Note: Not recommended for use in the oven or microwave.

Package: 1 Roll-Up Drying Rack.


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