Inflatable Water Play Mat

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Looking forward to spending quality time with your child? Why not try something different and fun that you both can enjoy?  Luckily, our water play mat is designed for just that.

Our water play mat, designed for children aged 3 months and older, is a water and air inflatable mat that makes tummy time fun. Kids love anything colorful; so they will feel naturally attracted to the bright colors and beautiful design, allowing them to have uninterrupted fun by themselves for hours. The floating objects in the mat are a good sensory tool, encouraging brain development.

There are two separate sections for water and air. Fill them to the level of your choice. As a bonus, our toy improves your child's muscular strength and cognitive abilities. Your baby cannot get tired of it!

  • Durability

Our water play mat is made of durable, superior-quality materials. Long-lasting for frequent use and negates against possible punctures or damage. Your child will be able to use it for a long time without the water play mat being affected.

  • Portability

You just got a call, and you need to go somewhere with your child. So how do you solve a possible problem of your child getting bored or in the way of your appointment? It's simple! Our water play mat is lightweight; all you have to do is fold it and take it with you.

  • Ultimate boredom killer

Aside from the health benefits of our water play mats for children, they are a major boredom killer. You and your baby will have so much fun with this toy. The bright colors, eye-catching design, and floating objects allow her or him to enjoy endless hours of fun while you get busy with other important tasks.

  • Safety

One of the concerns of parents when it comes to using a water play mat to keep their child busy is their child's safety. You might be asking yourself, "Is this safe?". Yes, it’s perfectly safe as your child is protected from any type of water accident. Your child will play with water without actually getting in contact with water. Our water play mat is made of plastic, leak-proof, and the materials used to produce it are eco-friendly and non-toxic (harmless).

Note: This product may have an odor due to the material used. It is normal. Our product is non-toxic and meets the EN71 safety standard of Europe. Baby can use it safely. If you are concerned about any odor, we recommended ventilation for one or two days.

Package: 1 Water Play Mat


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