Knitted, Button-Up, Baby Sleeping Bag

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Blankets are old-fashioned; babies need sleeping bags where they get a great goodnight’s sleep.

Most families now consider the Infant Sleeping Bag to be a point of pride. They love it for its ability to remain positioned, as well as its safety and temperature-regulating property.

Parents want their babies to be relaxed while they sleep, but above all, the environment in which they sleep must be safe. Our Infant Sleeping Bag is made up of Acrylic Fibers & Cotton. It lulls a child's nap or bedtime, imitating a mother’s warm embrace.

  • Babies can comfortably sleep in a warm swaddle blanket at home, in a carrier, or a pram.
  • Superior cotton combines breathability and softness.
  • The new, thick, cozy velvet design is softer and warmer than a traditional blanket swaddle.
  • Wool made of superior acrylic thread, delicately crafted, exquisitely crocheted and stitched, long-lasting.
  • Easy & quick large buttons for opening & closure.
  • 8 great colors.
  • Size:  65cm x 40cm

Package: 1 Knitted, Button-Up, Baby Sleeping Bag.


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